*Transfer, travel to Siofok door-to-door - comfortable * from Budapest - to Siofok - 39.000,-HUF/Taxi *** 140 km / 1.5 hours - Mercedes E classe, or minivan with english, german speaking driver.

Why to Siofok? - Arguments, Informations

Lake Balaton, Summer holiday, Party, Relaxation, Leisure? - Let's go to Siofok!
Hoteles, private accommodations, hungarian hospitality, programs, clubs, bars, discos, Coke Club

Siófok Taxi Siófok
Siófok Taxi phone:
Mobil: (deutsch, english)
+ 36 84 317-713
+ 36 30 9366 966
Siofok the Capital of Lake Balaton - Summer Capital of Hungary

Siofok Capital of Lake Balaton - Summer Capital of Hungary

If summer - holiday - relaxing - party ... way Siofok at Lake Balaton?
  • because Siófok is the capital of the summer time and the Lake Balaton.
  • because Siófok is the second well-known hungarian city in abroad after Budapest.
  • because Siófok gives place for a wide range of great hotels and hospitality.
  • because in Siófok not only the young have a great time, but also families and seniors.
  • because in Siófok the hospitality is a tradition.
  • because the Balaton Fish Soup tastes supremely in Siófok.
  • because the famous Pike-perch fish of Balaton „Balatoni Fogas” is the best in Siófok.
  • because in Siófok there is no end of places to have a lot of fun: Palace, Flört, Renagade, La Siesta, Coke Club, La Favola, Reto Fáraó.
  • because the word-famous operett author Imre Kálmán was born in Siófok.
  • because the quests of Siófok are attracted by many-many parties and programs - Sió Chanel, Eggs Fest, Stefánia Fest, Street Parade, etc.
  • because you can find the biggest port of the Lake Balaton in Siófok
  • because Siófok has its own airport, at the moment only for small airplanes.
  • because in Siófok you can find one of the best installed hospitals of Hungary.
  • because the Dialysis Center is located in Siófok for the neighbourhood and for tourists.
  • because the Kodolányi János Tourism Colleque can be found in Siófok.
  • because Siófok and its area are cleaned from the mosquitos in the whole summer :).
  • because you can find the most popular plage of Hungary: the Coke Club.
  • because the public places of Siófok are well-kept and clean in the whole year.
  • because Siófok is a small town during the year and a metropolis in the summer - in Winter 25.000, in Sommer time: 300.000 people!!!
  • because your money is worth more in Siófok
  • because no-one is bored in Siófok.
  • because anyone can relax in Siófok.
  • because you can have a bath in drinking water in Siófok.
  • because the night are the hottest in Siófok.
You can have a bath in drinking water in Lake Balaton, in Siófok.

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Siófok Taxi Siófok

Amazing siofok - Programs, events in Siofok, Active pastime:
 sailing, horse-riding, tennis, aerobic, body-building, squash, cycling.
 museum, theatre, operetta-and folkloregala, concerts.

Programs, events in Siofok Programs, events in Siofok
Horseback Riding - Equestrian Bella Puszta Lovas Udvar
Paintball Paintball Centrum
Fishing at Lake Balaton Balatoni Halászat
Sailing Unigue Boat
Surf Surf Beach
Wakeboard Siófok vízisí kábelpálya
Operette, Theater, Concert Kulturzentrum
Siófok Beach Balatonpart
Coke Club Coke Club
Wine tasting Szt. Kristóf Weingut
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Important phone numbers in Siofok

Siofok City Office +36 84 504 100
Siofok Police +36 84 310 700
Siofok Waterpolice +36 84 310 712
Siofok emergency calls 112
Siofok Hospital +36 84 310 500
Siofok Doctor +36 84 310 150
Siofok Taxi and Transfer Service +36 84 317 713, +36 30 9366 966

Siófok Taxi Siófok